Mexican Vela Continues Jogging At Waterstone College

21 years old Carlos Vela has continued his jogging program at Waterstone College today in the afternoon, but still missed out to get back on the ball, which force major doubts that Carlos will recover quickly enough for Sunday evenings battle against the South American giants at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

According to a statement by a member of the Mexican staff few days ago, the news was that Vela has already recovered from his hamstring problem in his right leg, but with still no ball action in training there are major doubts that Carlitos get fit in time.

Mexican head coach Javier Aguirre told the media today that Vela is making good process, but he was unable to join back into full training with his team-mates so far. “El Bombardero” trains separately to the national team with jogging and sprinting tasks and is waiting for the call by Aguirre.

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